WordPress 6.0 and what’s new

On May 24th WordPress 6.0 was released and I’m excited to see the changes and future upcoming additions and improvements to the CMS. WordPress noted that this release has over 600 updates and over 600 bug fixes from more than 500 open-source contributors. I wrote out a quick list of features that came in 6.0 down below, but you can also watch a cool video the WordPress team put out showing what the update is bringing, which is also down below.

Fun fact that the WordPress team included in their blog post for WordPress 6.0, is that WordPress powers more than 42% of websites worldwide. That is just amazing.

What’s new

  • Style Switcher, block themes now have the option to change between multiple style variations
  • Expanded template creation, block themes now have new template options for author, date, categories, tags, and taxonomy
  • Writing improvements, selecting text across multiple blocks; keeping styles when changing block type; and customize buttons, tag clouds and social icons
  • Integrated patterns, patterns are now available to use in more places
  • A new color panel, border controls, flex-based container blocks, improvements to the list view, and block locking

Introducing WordPress 6.0






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