Sharing tech news and resources – July 2022

I wanted to share a few articles regarding tech news and also a few interesting links I found around the internet. First, I posted a few quick notes in bullet points and then I list out a few articles/blog posts I found that I wanted to share with you and give my thoughts.

  • I was on GitHub this week and noticed an article on their The ReadME Project, about turning the tables in your job interview where you ask the interviewer some important questions that I found interesting and useful. You can read the article, Interview the interviewer, on
  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have both had updates recently to fix exploits, so as always, make sure all of your web browsers are updated to the latest version to keep safe.

Gmail has a new view

Google’s Gmail has a new integrated view coming, which tries to make it easier to switch between Gmail, Chat and Meet. I was able to see this new view with one of my Gmail addresses and don’t worry, there are no big changes to your Gmail. You can read more about the new view and see images of it in the article, Updated timeline for the new integrated view for Gmail, on

Google Keep

Google Keep is my favorite app to keep notes on my cell phone and a new update brings a feature that lets users drag and drop images saved in Google Keep to a third-party application. This info was found in the article, Google Keep now lets you drag and drop images to other apps, on

NES games in 2022?

I love playing video games so seeing this next story was really cool. GitHub posted on their LinkedIn, how some people are still creating games for the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The post included a link to a Reddit post where the author explained what they tried and also gives links where to find the kits to do the same. The original NES was the first console my brother and I had, so hearing about this brings back good memories. This is really cool to see and I wonder what talented people may make with these kits.

Need to erase data on your hard drive?

The Washington Post has an article talking about how to delete data from your hard drive that I found interesting. I am no computer hardware expert so I can’t say these are the best ways to do just that, but do note that one of their approaches is to actually take the hard drive out and physically smash it to pieces. You can read the article, Deleting files is not enough. Here is how to properly erase hard drives., on

Google Chromebook

I bought a Google Chromebook a few years ago when they were on sale on and I’m glad I did. It has been useful for when I went out of town for personal or business trips. I highly recommend getting one for basic computer use (checking email, going online and visiting websites, editing text documents and completing other basic tasks). I found an article where the writer switched to a Chromebook for a week and gave their thoughts, you can read the article, I switched to a Chromebook for a week. Here’s what surprised me as a Windows user, on





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