Sharing tech news and resources – Jan 2023

Wow it’s 2023 already. There were a few articles and resources that I meant to share but did not, and even though some may be from last year, the information in them is still relevant and useful.


  • Want to understand the different between Git, GitHub and GitHub Desktop, then check out this YouTube video, I definitely recommend it. (Video by Coder Coder via, February 1, 2022)
  • A very helpful and useful HTML resource about what not to do and how to do it right (Source: HTML Best Practices via
  • Anyone who works with HTML emails knows that it can be a pain sometimes to troubleshoot issues across different email clients or even different versions of an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, and I found this Litmus article to be useful. (Source: Outlook Email Rendering Issues and How to Solve Them via, August 18, 2022)
  • To opt out of personalized advertising on your iOS device or Android, make sure to do these few easy steps on your phone so you won’t be tracked. (Source: Delete this secret ID hiding on your phone that gives away your personal details via, November 25, 2022)
  • If you have ever searched your name on the internet and found personal information in the search results, well you can do something about it, make sure to check out this article. For me, #2 on their list is the most important as data collection sites are annoying and seem to be popping up more and more. (Source: Your Private Data Is All Over the Internet. Here’s What You Can Do About It via, April 4, 2022)

Tech News

  • Google Chrome web browser is going to stop being supported on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 soon. Google Chrome version 109 will be the last version of the web browser that will be available on those older Windows operating systems, as Google Chrome version 110 will require Windows 10 or later. (Source: Google Chrome will stop working properly on millions of Windows PCs next week via, January 3, 2023)
  • If you use the Google Chrome web browser, then definitely check out this article about it using your computer’s memory. (Source: Enable This Setting to Stop Chrome From Hogging So Much Memory via, December 9, 2022)





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