Hi and welcome to the BostonianAdam.com website. This website is a personal project of mine where I want to use it to help others with web development and sharing resources and tech news from across the web.

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Besides this blog, I have other projects on subdomains which I will list out below as they go live:

  • walking-dead.bostonianadam.comEverything The Walking Dead, I have been a fan of The Walking Dead since I saw the first episode of the television show on AMC. Since then I have bought and read the TWD comics digitally and enjoyed reading those as well. On this blog I try to cover any news about TWD. I am also in the process of going through each TV show episode and comic book issue, giving a brief summary of what happens.
  • dinoszombies.bostonianadam.comEverything Dinos & Zombies, I am a fan of dinosaurs and zombies in just about all types of media, so I put together this blog to share news about anything dinosaurs and zombies.