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  • Sharing tech news and resources – July 2022

    I wanted to share a few articles regarding tech news and also a few interesting links I found around the internet. First, I posted a few quick notes in bullet points and then I list out a few articles/blog posts I found that I wanted to share with you and give my thoughts. I was […]

  • New Edge browser feature saves resources when gaming

    In June, the Microsoft Edge web browser had an update where it released a new feature called “Efficiency Mode,” which helps improve power usage by saving computer resources (CPU usage). This is especially useful when running high resource applications on your PC such as playing a video game or even when you’re running applications that […]

  • Sharing resources and tech news – June 2022

    This will be a quick blog post where I wanted to share a few online resources and also discuss a few interesting articles with a brief summary and get your thoughts. Resources AnimatiSS – A collection of CSS animations for your web projects. If you visit the website, click the “STYLES” button to see the […]

  • WordPress 6.0 and what’s new

    On May 24th WordPress 6.0 was released and I’m excited to see the changes and future upcoming additions and improvements to the CMS. WordPress noted that this release has over 600 updates and over 600 bug fixes from more than 500 open-source contributors. I wrote out a quick list of features that came in 6.0 […]

  • WordPress 5.9: How to easily change blog posts list layout

    So with WordPress 5.9, the theme customizer is gone (don’t worry it is still there for past themes, but not for new Block Themes) and we have the new Block Editor (for Block Themes), which has a lot of promise but needs some polishing. The “Twenty Twenty-Two” theme that comes with WordPress 5.9, is a […]

  • CSS: REMs vs EMs

    So you’ve been using pixels (px) for your font sizes since you first learned CSS, but you’ve been hearing about REM and EM units and how they should be used for today’s websites instead of pixels. Before I try to explain how they work, what exactly are they? An EM is a CSS unit mainly […]

  • Sharing resources and articles – August 2021

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted one of these, a post where I share resources and interesting news from around the web in the past month. Windows 11: Do I have to upgrade from Windows 10? What to know – Article from What is a TPM? And here’s why you need it […]

  • Disabling tab hover cards in MS Edge

    In a previous blog post I listed the steps for disabling tab hover cards in Chrome but now I must share how to do the same in the Microsoft Edge web browser. If you’re using MS Edge and not sure what a tab hover card is, move your mouse cursor to a tab, leave it […]

  • Bootstrap 5 is here

    Bootstrap 5 is here and tutorials and websites are being created about it around the web. One good source for web development video tutorials is Traversy Media on YouTube and he recently put out a beginner-friendly crash course using Bootstrap 5 to create a simple website. You can watch the crash course video down below […]

  • New CSS to style underlines

    Mozilla’s Jen Simmons posted a video on YouTube recently talking about some new CSS for styling underlines, “text-underline-offset,” “text-decoration-thickness,” and “text-decoration-skip-ink.” The video I am referring to is embedded below and I added a few simple code examples down below as well. I think these new styles will be useful and web developers can now […]