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  • Sharing tech news and resources – Jan 2023

    Wow it’s 2023 already. There were a few articles and resources that I meant to share but did not, and even though some may be from last year, the information in them is still relevant and useful. Resources Tech News

  • Sharing tech news and resources – July 2022

    I wanted to share a few articles regarding tech news and also a few interesting links I found around the internet. First, I posted a few quick notes in bullet points and then I list out a few articles/blog posts I found that I wanted to share with you and give my thoughts. I was […]

  • Sharing resources and tech news – June 2022

    This will be a quick blog post where I wanted to share a few online resources and also discuss a few interesting articles with a brief summary and get your thoughts. Resources AnimatiSS – A collection of CSS animations for your web projects. If you visit the website, click the “STYLES” button to see the […]

  • Sharing resources and articles – August 2021

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted one of these, a post where I share resources and interesting news from around the web in the past month. Windows 11: Do I have to upgrade from Windows 10? What to know – Article from CNET.com What is a TPM? And here’s why you need it […]

  • Sharing resources and articles – September 2019

    Here’s a quick sharing resources post with a few links to websites and articles I found interesting. Off Page SEO: 3 Quick Fixes and 3 Long Term Strategies – Blog post from Shopify.com Bootstrap Vue v2 has been released Understand how hackers work – Blog post from blog.mozilla.org, talks about how hackers think How to […]

  • Sharing resources and articles with you: UX, favicon, bad habits and more

    I came across a few good articles, blog posts and tools that I wanted to share with you, from UX to avoiding bad habits and unprofessional vocabulary and more. Promotion: Get 20% off with coupon code DISCOUNT20 – Coupon expires August 31st. Create your website today! 22 Basic UX Laws That Every Designer Should Know […]

  • Sharing resources with you: LinkedIn profile and job searching tips, and optimizing Google fonts

    I came across a few good resources I wanted to share with everyone, ranging from LinkedIn profile tips to job interview tips to optimizing Google fonts performance. LinkedIn profile tips – Blog post from dev.to, you may not agree with every tip that is listed but they’re something to look at and consider Things to […]

  • Using “srcset” for your images and more image delivery techniques

    After watching a recent video posted by Google Chrome Developers on YouTube, I wanted to blog about using the “srcset” attribute in the “img” tag in your HTML code to make more web developers aware of this easy-to-use/add code that will help your website. Definitely make sure to watch the video and check out the […]

  • Free online courses and learning sites

    There are a lot of free online resources, including tutorials and courses. I put together a list of websites that offer free online courses that I wanted to share with others, hoping to help others. If you know of other websites that offer free online courses, please leave a comment. These websites are geared more […]

  • Take a full page screenshot in Chrome

    Here’s a quick tip that I thought would be helpful for others (and myself in case I forget in the future). I needed to take a screenshot of a website in the Chrome web browser and I remembered there was an option in the Dev Tools to do this but I couldn’t find it. So […]