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  • Sharing tech news and resources – July 2022

    I wanted to share a few articles regarding tech news and also a few interesting links I found around the internet. First, I posted a few quick notes in bullet points and then I list out a few articles/blog posts I found that I wanted to share with you and give my thoughts. I was […]

  • New Edge browser feature saves resources when gaming

    In June, the Microsoft Edge web browser had an update where it released a new feature called “Efficiency Mode,” which helps improve power usage by saving computer resources (CPU usage). This is especially useful when running high resource applications on your PC such as playing a video game or even when you’re running applications that […]

  • Disabling tab hover cards in MS Edge

    In a previous blog post I listed the steps for disabling tab hover cards in Chrome but now I must share how to do the same in the Microsoft Edge web browser. If you’re using MS Edge and not sure what a tab hover card is, move your mouse cursor to a tab, leave it […]