Sharing resources with you: Building emails, learn Javascript, HTTP vs HTTPS, and move WordPress to HTTPS

Here’s another “Around the web” blog post where I share some resources I found online that I thought would be helpful to myself and others.

Sharing resources including social media tips, a HTML5 template and more

Here’s a few articles/resources I found online recently that I wanted to share with others.

Helpful resources including free icons, useful Google Analytics tips and email stats

I meant to post this sooner but here are links to articles I found interesting and they can most likely help you with your web sites.

Mobile email compatibility chart

The Litmus blog had a good blog post earlier this month about mobile email and compatibility with a few things like image blocking, ALT text and more.

The chart below covers some popular email apps for mobile, and mobile email compatibility basics like support for media queries/responsive design, image blocking, preview text, alt text, and more. Inconsistencies are still bound to pop up, so be sure to test your email before you send.

Litmus mobile email compatibility chart
Litmus mobile email compatibility chart