Sharing resources including social media tips, a HTML5 template and more

Here’s a few articles/resources I found online recently that I wanted to share with others.

Few free good resources

This is a quick post where I just wanted to make others aware of these cool free tools and resources available.

  • Smashing Magazine blog post about using Opera’s Mobile Emulator to test how web sites look on mobile. The article has a link to where you can download the emulator.
  • Mobilizer, a free Adobe Air tool in beta, where you can test how web sites look on mobile.
  • with a free downloadable e-commerce icon set.
  • with a post with their list of 10 Best Open Source Tools for Web Developers

Here are some more good freebies and resources to check out that I didn’t have a chance to post earlier.

Legal documents and resources for web work

I posted previously about adding terms and privacy legal notices on your web site, with information from Smashing Magazine‘s email newsletter. Today, I’m posting about a good blog post by none other than Smashing Magazine, where they broke out a list of legal documents/contracts that web designers (and just about anyone who works with anything web-related) should be using and made the documents downloadable for free. Make sure you check out the Useful Legal Documents For Designers (PDF/DOC) blog post right now and download those documents.