Sharing resources with you: HTML5 input types, Picular and cheatsheets

This will be a quick/short blog post with a few links to an article and helpful resources for developers.

  • HTML5 Input Types: Where Are They Now? – Blog post from, that talks about HTML5 form input types and shows their support in various web browsers
  • Picular – A free service to see many color variations and get their color code
  • GRID – A visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid layout
  • FLEX – A visual cheatsheet for CSS Flexbox

Sharing resources including social media tips, a HTML5 template and more

Here’s a few articles/resources I found online recently that I wanted to share with others.

Cool HTML5 tips for form inputs

I wanted to share these cool quick tips that HTML5 provides to basic HTML web forms that will save you time and work in the end. Remember though, these tips only work in web browsers that support HTML5.

Placeholder attribute
You can now easily have “placeholder” text display inside a text field, whereas before you had to use Javascript to add text inside a text field before the user enters their own text.


Input Type: Date
You can have a date field where users can select a date from a visual calendar that appears and you don’t have to code the calendar.


Input Type: Time
You can have a time field where users can select a time.


To see more HTML input types that are supported with web browsers that support HTML5, check out