Mobile email compatibility chart

The Litmus blog had a good blog post earlier this month about mobile email and compatibility with a few things like image blocking, ALT text and more.

The chart below covers some popular email apps for mobile, and mobile email compatibility basics like support for media queries/responsive design, image blocking, preview text, alt text, and more. Inconsistencies are still bound to pop up, so be sure to test your email before you send.

Litmus mobile email compatibility chart
Litmus mobile email compatibility chart

Few free good resources

This is a quick post where I just wanted to make others aware of these cool free tools and resources available.

  • Smashing Magazine blog post about using Opera’s Mobile Emulator to test how web sites look on mobile. The article has a link to where you can download the emulator.
  • Mobilizer, a free Adobe Air tool in beta, where you can test how web sites look on mobile.
  • with a free downloadable e-commerce icon set.
  • with a post with their list of 10 Best Open Source Tools for Web Developers

Here are some more good freebies and resources to check out that I didn’t have a chance to post earlier.