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  • How to add a circle border around a Bootstrap icon

    I previously blogged about how to add a circle border around a Font Awesome icon back in 2019, but since then things have changed and Bootstrap now has their own icons, Bootstrap Icons. Can that same code be used today for Bootstrap 5 and their icons? The answer is pretty much, yes! The HTML and […]

  • Sharing resources and tech news – June 2022

    This will be a quick blog post where I wanted to share a few online resources and also discuss a few interesting articles with a brief summary and get your thoughts. Resources AnimatiSS – A collection of CSS animations for your web projects. If you visit the website, click the “STYLES” button to see the […]

  • How to add a circle border around a Font Awesome icon

    I was recently working on building a webpage and I ran into an issue where I wanted to add a circular border around an icon. I was using Bootstrap 4 for the page’s layout and Font Awesome for the icons. I tried a few things with Bootstrap’s border utilities but it couldn’t do what I […]

  • Helpful resources including free icons, Google Analytics tips and email stats – December 2013

    I meant to post this sooner but here are links to articles I found interesting and they can most likely help you with your web sites. Have Webmail Users Gone Mobile? 40 Free Flat Icons Every Designer Should Have Google Analytics Hostname Report – Great for Troubleshooting – This is very helpful in Google Analytics […]

  • Sharing resources: Few free good resources – September 2012

    This is a quick post where I just wanted to make others aware of these cool free tools and resources available. Smashing Magazine blog post about using Opera’s Mobile Emulator to test how web sites look on mobile. The article has a link to where you can download the emulator. Mobilizer, a free Adobe Air […]