Sharing resources and tech news – June 2022

This will be a quick blog post where I wanted to share a few online resources and also discuss a few interesting articles with a brief summary and get your thoughts.


  • AnimatiSS – A collection of CSS animations for your web projects. If you visit the website, click the “STYLES” button to see the different CSS animations you can choose from. (Credit goes to Ray Villalobos for sharing this link on LinkedIn)
  • Avataaars Generator – A free online avatar generator
  • Tabler Icons – A free open-source collection of icons to use for your website or app. (Credit goes to Ray Villalobos for sharing this link on LinkedIn)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is currently testing a free web version of its popular Photoshop software in Canada, where users can use its core functions. According to the article I read there is no timeline when the free web version will be available to other locations. This info was found in the article, Adobe plans to make Photoshop on the web free to everyone, on

I personally think this is great, especially for those who have never used Adobe Photoshop before. I remember before my wife and I started paying for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which includes Photoshop, we had to use free image editing software and I could never get use to the user interfaces, and they were missing features (or I couldn’t find them LOL) that Photoshop had. Also, the high price tag that Photoshop once had (before Creative Cloud) kept us away from it. Are you going to try out the free version of Photoshop or are you already paying for it with Adobe Creative Cloud?

Google News

Do you use Google News on your desktop? Well if you do, you most likely have seen an option to switch to the new look. The biggest change was moving the main categories from the left side of the page to across the top which I like. If you want to read more about this, check out the article, Google News gets more personal with desktop redesign, on

Amazon Alexa

Amazon is working on something creepy… they are developing a feature for Alexa which can emulate anyone’s voice. The article I read even suggests it could emulate a dead person’s voice. This info was found in the article, Amazon demonstrates Alexa mimicking the voice of a deceased relative, on

To me, this screams security concerns and ethically just wrong, but that’s just me. My wife and I don’t even have Amazon Alexa. What do you think of this? What benefits does this bring?

If you made it all the way down here, thanks for checking out my blog post, I appreciate it. Stay safe and try to do everything in love, the world really needs it.





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