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  • A beautiful quote on diversity

    I was on LinkedIn a few weeks ago and came across a post from Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, a Business Consulting and Services organization in Atlanta, Georgia. The post had a great quote, which is down below, that made me smile while reading it and made me wonder, why can’t we all see that diversity […]

  • Sharing what made my first job memorable

    A few weeks ago, I was on the LinkedIn website, and they had a question under the “Start a post” section to try and get users to share their experiences, which was, “What was your first job and what made it memorable?” I shared my experience on LinkedIn and I thought I would share it […]

  • Sharing resources with you: LinkedIn profile and job searching tips, and optimizing Google fonts

    I came across a few good resources I wanted to share with everyone, ranging from LinkedIn profile tips to job interview tips to optimizing Google fonts performance. LinkedIn profile tips – Blog post from dev.to, you may not agree with every tip that is listed but they’re something to look at and consider Things to […]