Sharing what made my first job memorable

A few weeks ago, I was on the LinkedIn website, and they had a question under the “Start a post” section to try and get users to share their experiences, which was, “What was your first job and what made it memorable?”

I shared my experience on LinkedIn and I thought I would share it as well here on my website, but with names and companies redacted, as it may help those who are looking to start their first job.

For me, I think it was back in 1999 or 2000, my first job was at a local grocery store, which was about a 20-30-minute walk from home. I started there as a bagger, helped bring in the shopping carts from the parking lot, helped stock shelves, then was trained to be a cashier and I helped with that when it was really busy in the store.

What made that job memorable for me was that I made friends with four really nice co-workers. They were all pros at the job, they were patient with me as I learned how things worked there, and they made the job fun. I won’t ever forget that.

My advice to anyone starting their first job, or any job really, is to find the nice people there and try to make friends with them. I received this same advice and fully agree with it.

What about you? What made your first job memorable?






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