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  • CSS: REMs vs EMs

    So you’ve been using pixels (px) for your font sizes since you first learned CSS, but you’ve been hearing about REM and EM units and how they should be used for today’s websites instead of pixels. Before I try to explain how they work, what exactly are they? An EM is a CSS unit mainly […]

  • Bootstrap 5 is here

    Bootstrap 5 is here and tutorials and websites are being created about it around the web. One good source for web development video tutorials is Traversy Media on YouTube and he recently put out a beginner-friendly crash course using Bootstrap 5 to create a simple website. You can watch the crash course video down below […]

  • New CSS to style underlines

    Mozilla’s Jen Simmons posted a video on YouTube recently talking about some new CSS for styling underlines, “text-underline-offset,” “text-decoration-thickness,” and “text-decoration-skip-ink.” The video I am referring to is embedded below and I added a few simple code examples down below as well. I think these new styles will be useful and web developers can now […]

  • How to add a circle border around a Font Awesome icon

    I was recently working on building a webpage and I ran into an issue where I wanted to add a circular border around an icon. I was using Bootstrap 4 for the page’s layout and Font Awesome for the icons. I tried a few things with Bootstrap’s border utilities but it couldn’t do what I […]

  • Where does “localStorage” save data?

    I have been taking a Javascript online course and we have been using “localStorage” to create a task list app. So I was wondering where does this actual data get stored because the data can be retrieved, edited and deleted so it must get saved somewhere. Since cookies aren’t being used I assumed the data […]

  • Media query max-width and min-width

    I wanted to write a quick blog post explaining in plain English what max-width and min-width mean when setting up media queries in your CSS, so here we go first with an example of media query code in your CSS. Code examples of min-width and max-width Using the code example above, “min-width: 480px”, means that […]

  • Standard responsive media query breakpoints

    Below are responsive media query breakpoints that are used most often on websites. Source: w3schools.com

  • Parallax scrolling effect, the new web thing to do on your site

    As the web changes, new designs and effects become popular and you see them across many sites. One new effect I’ve been seeing more and more is the “parallax scrolling effect” where you have backgrounds stay in place as the user scrolls down the page. If you somehow haven’t seen this cool effect yet, check […]

  • WordPress plugins you should use for your WordPress site

    This blog post was going to be a post specifically for my wife with suggestions on what WordPress plugins to use for her sites, but the more I thought about it, these plugins should be used on most/if not all WordPress sites (or similar plugins that provide the same features). Below is a list of […]

  • Cool HTML5 tips for form inputs

    I wanted to share these cool quick tips that HTML5 provides to basic HTML web forms that will save you time and work in the end. Remember though, these tips only work in web browsers that support HTML5. Placeholder attributeYou can now easily have “placeholder” text display inside a text field, whereas before you had […]