Sharing resources with you: LinkedIn profile and job searching tips, and optimizing Google fonts

I came across a few good resources I wanted to share with everyone, ranging from LinkedIn profile tips to job interview tips to optimizing Google fonts performance.

  • LinkedIn profile tips – Blog post from, you may not agree with every tip that is listed but they’re something to look at and consider
  • Things to not say in a job interview – Blog post from, with tips on things to not say during an interview, most are obvious
  • 12 best job search websites – Blog post from, with a list of job searching websites (a little arrogant of themselves to list their website as #1)
  • Optimizing Google Fonts Performance – Blog post from, where they give great tips on how to optimize load times for Google Fonts on your website

Sharing resources with you: Firefox extensions, shady Google and data breaches

Here are some resources from around the web I thought would be helpful for everyone.

Sharing resources including social media tips, a HTML5 template and more

Here’s a few articles/resources I found online recently that I wanted to share with others.

Testing your web site in different web browsers and mobile devices

When building your web site, at some point you should test how your site looks in different web browsers and mobile devices. To do this all you need is the Google Chrome web browser. Follow the steps below to test your site. The below steps were written while using Chrome version 33.0.1750.154. Future updates of Chrome may have the icons or tabs in different places.

  1. In Chrome, open the “Developer tools” via the button with the horizontal lines in the top right corner of the Google Chrome web browser
  2. Now with “Developer tools” open, in the bottom right corner click the round gears icon (the word “Settings” appears when you mouseover it)
  3. In the “General” tab, check the “Show ‘Emulation’ view in console drawer” checkbox and close that overlay
  4. With the “Developer tools” still open, in the bottom right corner click the icon with a greater than symbol and three lines (the words “Show drawer” appear when you mouseover it) and a new tab appears below the “Developer tools”
  5. Click the “Emulation” tab and now you can see how your web site looks in different mobile devices (in the “Device” tab), different screen sizes (in the “Screen” tab), and different user agents/web browsers (in the “User Agent” tab)

Helpful resources including free icons, useful Google Analytics tips and email stats

I meant to post this sooner but here are links to articles I found interesting and they can most likely help you with your web sites.

Google Reader is shutting down in July

No! Say it isn’t so, Google. Google will be shutting down Google Reader on July 1st. You can read Google’s official announcement post here. I’m saddened by this news as I’ve been using Google Reader for a while now and it is my main source to keep all of the sites I want to stay up-to-date with in one place and now I will have to find another RSS reader.

Luckily there’s a good article I found that lists out web and desktop alternative RSS readers. Make sure to check out LifeHacker’s Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives.

I’ve signed up for NetVibes and I’m liking it so far. If you’re a Google Reader user and will be switching to another RSS reader, what service are you switching to?