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  • Sharing tech news and resources – Jan 2023

    Wow it’s 2023 already. There were a few articles and resources that I meant to share but did not, and even though some may be from last year, the information in them is still relevant and useful. Resources Tech News

  • Sharing tech news and resources – July 2022

    I wanted to share a few articles regarding tech news and also a few interesting links I found around the internet. First, I posted a few quick notes in bullet points and then I list out a few articles/blog posts I found that I wanted to share with you and give my thoughts. I was […]

  • How to stop showing box that appears when mousing over Chrome tabs

    A recent Chrome browser update brought “tab hover cards” which are small boxes that appear when you put your mouse on a tab. These boxes display the website’s “title” tag and domain name, as shown in the screenshot below. For me, these tab hover cards started to annoy me, as they block part of the […]

  • Take a full page screenshot in Chrome

    Here’s a quick tip that I thought would be helpful for others (and myself in case I forget in the future). I needed to take a screenshot of a website in the Chrome web browser and I remembered there was an option in the Dev Tools to do this but I couldn’t find it. So […]

  • No more CSS conditional comments for IE10+

    I was working on an older site this past week and an issue came up where the IE10 web browser was showing different spacing compared to the Google Chrome web browser. My initial thoughts were to use CSS conditional comments to make a specific class have different padding for IE web browsers. Well I didn’t […]

  • Testing your web site in different web browsers and mobile devices

    When building your web site, at some point you should test how your site looks in different web browsers and mobile devices. To do this all you need is the Google Chrome web browser. Follow the steps below to test your site. The below steps were written while using Chrome version 33.0.1750.154. Future updates of […]